Two sisters with an insatiable thirst to make the skincare industry less toxic and more accessible. Our mission is to provide educational information, DIY recipes and product reviews on our Blog, as well as a wide selection of some of the best pioneering brands in organic skincare & makeup. We want to help you make informed decisions when it comes to using products on your skin that can have a long lasting effect on your health.

For years we have been pondering the idea of creating a place to share information and resources to help people understand how detrimental the mainstream cosmetic industry is to our health, as well as to offer alternatives and to support ethical likeminded companies.

We both knew there had to be a better way to look good without sacrificing your health and wellbeing in the process. This is how Innocuous Skincare was born – a place to educate, share, connect, explore and hopefully heal what’s been broken.

About the Founders


Teodora Ramirez’ interest in healthy eating, DIY lotions and innocuous skincare started from an early age, throughout her business and economics studies she always pursued a more holistic approach to life on the side. 

She’s always had issues with her skin and her gut, so in high school she started reading more and more about what is in our food, in our skincare and cleaning products. It was clear from the start that this isn’t right and that there had to be a better way, it would take a few more years until she would start applying the knowledge to her life.

Through the years she had to fight cystic acne, eczema, early offsets of psoriasis, fungus, tinea versicolor, pigmentation, blackheads, you name it – she’s had it. Finding the right solution to not only get rid of the symptoms but to remove the cause was key, as at this point it was affecting more than her skin. 

It was affecting her mood, energy levels, concentration and when she decided to start a family with her husband – her fertility. It took them over a year to get pregnant, but the changes she had made to her diet, the products she used and her overall lifestyle made all the difference.

Hristoslava Ilieva always had the perfect skin – no acne, no blackheads, no sun damage, you know all the blessings that come with having a darker complexion.

All this until diet (relatively healthy) and the use of common skincare and makeup products caught up with her. A hormonal acne broke out, a number of gut issues appeared, pigmentation, mood swings, brain fog and low energy levels were more the rule than the exception.

After visiting a number of doctors and going back home with no answers, she knew that something had to change. 

A major change in diet was the first step, she’s been gluten- and dairy-free for over a year now. Supplements and switching to an all natural skincare regime took care of the rest. She knew she was on the right path and started reading more and more about the effects of chemicals in our life. 

As a financial specialist, data was easy to process, however the understanding of why companies would rather make profit at the expense of people’s health and wellbeing was unfathomable. Her business knowledge and experience told her that there can and should be businesses that can make a difference and make a profit, while helping and enriching people’s lives, not the opposite.

Why Now?

After having not one, but three family members diagnosed with cancer, they knew it was time to be part of the solution. 

On average, women use 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals with 16 of them being hormone-altering. It is mind blowing that unknowingly we do this to ourselves.

Innocuous Skincare is here to provide a solution and to be a source of information & green alternatives. To provide knowledge about what can be harmful to you and your skin. To educate about what you can do to take action at home. And to inform about products that are safe and which companies put your wellbeing first.