3 Skin Benefits of House Plants

Did you know that house plants can benefit your skin?

House plants have tons of benefits that are well known, however they do much more than “simple” air purification. They can improve your mood, the air in your home & your skin!

Here are 3 common skin problems that can be improved by adding more plants to your home:

1. DRY SKIN — we all know it, we all have had it at one point or another. Dry skin can have many causes, one of which is dry & pollutant-filled air. It can wreak havoc on your complexion.

Dry skin weakens your body’s barrier & makes you more vulnerable to inflammation due to environmental allergens.

House plants can produce moisture in the air through a process of transpiration, which can improve your skin’s hydration.

2. ACNE & AGING — we usually don’t think of acne prone & aging skin as something that can be caused by the same thing, however pollution has been proven to cause excessive skin damage which accelerates skin aging.

Pollution can also contain certain molecules that structurally mimic male hormones (i.e. testosterone & androgens), which can lead to acne. Plants absorb toxic airborne chemicals & store them in their soil, leaving your indoor air free of toxic molecules.

3. SALLOW SKIN — nowadays we need more and more makeup to cover up uneven skin tones or to simply help us not look tired all the time.

What if I told you that oxygen alone can improve your skin’s health significantly and what better place to get fresh oxygen than an indoor jungle?

Oxygen is critical for healthy skin homeostasis, which allows your structural support systems, like collagen, to remain strong.

If you add a few succulents around the house, they will not only make it easier for you to care for them, but also absorb some of the radiation coming from Wi-Fi devices, as a result they’ll help you feel more energized & will produce good amounts of oxygen to feed your skin.

Ready for an indoor jungle?

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