Day Refreshing Plankton Eye Cream


Did you know that the eye contour area is 5 times thinner than the rest of our body? Which is why it's important to treat it differently, hydrate it regularly.

If your goal is to treat dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines or under eye bags, then Day Refreshing Plankton Eye Cream is the product for you.

It contains natural active ingredients that activate and improve blood circulation, thus helping to eliminate eye puffiness and dark circles. Formulated with AlSKin's star ingredient, Spirulina Microalgae in addition to Dunaliella salina, Curcuma and Ivy.

The best part? It's not greasy! Thanks to its ingredients, the Day Refreshing Plankton Eye Cream has an ultra-light texture that is quickly absorbed.

To facilitate its application, AlSkin have incorporated a roll-on applicator into its container that allows you to gently massage the area until completely absorbed, while providing a cooling effect.

✔️Removes dark circles
✔️Reduces eye puffiness
✔️Treats wrinkles & fine lines
✔️Activates blood circulation
✔️Fast absorption

All AlSkin products are formulated with Microalgae 💚 and natural ingredients 🌿 that stimulate cell regeneration, increasing firmness, providing luminosity and preventing premature skin aging.


When: after serum and before moisturizer

How much: the ideal amount is applied automatically thanks to the roll-on.

Where: place the roll-on on the basin, right where you feel the bone and always extend it towards the corner of the eye to avoid the formation of wrinkles.

You're going to love it because...
You will hydrate your eye contour area in a very simple way thanks to the applicator and you will see how the daily puffiness of the eyes disappears.


Bio Microalgea Spirulina, Dunaliella, Organic Turmeric & Ivy.


Glass bottle, plastic lid, recycled box.

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